It was time.

It was time. Time for a refresh. Time to get in the game. Time to focus. A couple months ago, I had an epiphany. I had to make a change and get more confident in my art. I knew that a new website was the first step. So here we are. I'm so excited to showcase my work in a new light, with a new "feel." There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the finished product after a lot of hard work. I hope you love it too!

Here are some images from a recent session with our close friends. Can you tell that these two sweet babies are siblings?? As I was editing these images I was surprised to see how much they favor each other now. I guess I didn't see it as much before?? Who knows. Anyway, I had fun walking around Hatcher Gardens with them. This is where they got engaged, and they hadn't been back since. We were excited to find the bench that was dedicated in honor of their family--and had to get a photo of them sitting on it!